Monday, 9 November 2015

Book review - Destiny and Faith Get Stuck In The Country, by Teddy O'Malley

This book is a marvellous illustration of the advice that is constantly being given to modern writers - show, don't tell. Children's books, at least the better ones, always contain some didactic element, and O'Malley has slipped hers in with beautiful subtlety, showing the young reader a number of desirable behaviours that include flexibility, kindness and true and whole-hearted acceptance of people with disabilities, including the all-important inclusiveness of making it easy for them to share in everything with the rest of a group. For this reason, the book should appeal to parents and teachers as well to its target audience. Very nice work indeed; a great addition to the library, classroom or home. 

Destiny and Faith Get Stuck In The Country is available from AMAZON in large print paperback.

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