Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Book review - Children of Ur, by Scott Rhine

Set in the Ryoku universe, Children of Ur did not engage me as much as the other two Ryoku books. I believe the reason for this was that unlike the wonderful Aaron Walker, I found the protagonist, Redwing, rather two-dimensional and consequently, to me, much less interesting.

The other criticism I have of the book is that there was far too much backstory being dumped through the opening chapters; it was still trickling in at 24% and with this much explanation of background required, I felt it would have been better done in a prologue. One cannot rely on the reader having read earlier books in the series, and while this book technically stands alone, Redwing was a creature of the previous book and did not fully come alive in this one.

It was an entertaining read, despite this, and the ending is lovely - a triumph of wit and cunning.

Children of Ur is available from AMAZON.

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