Wednesday, 5 August 2015

Book review - An Unwanted Arrangement, by Ray Anselmo

With its likable, engaging characters and charmingly Wilde-ish plot, this new offering from the gifted Mr Anselmo is sure to please readers old and new.

It's a delightful comedy of errors, centring around that most traditional of antagonists, an arranged marriage. How the clever, resourceful Pella Lensoil deals with her predicament, the reader must discover for himself; this book is far too good to take the slightest risk of letting loose a spoiler.

The world setting is delightful, too, really original, with its hint of steampunk rendered with delicacy and taste. I often find steampunk writers rather heavy-handed with their creations, but no such thing with this writer. The world's religion, too, is a marvellous creation - embodying all of the normative precepts of Christianity, and yet wholly exotic in its execution. All round, a fine piece of work which I very much enjoyed.

One understands this is to be the first of a series, and my joy at hearing this was unqualified. 

An Unwanted Arrangement is available from AMAZON.

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