Saturday, 22 August 2015

Book review - Blade of the Destroyer, by Andy Peloquin

Blade of the Destroyer is a fresh and original offering in a genre I have heard described as 'grimdark', or more traditionally, dystopian fantasy. It follows the adventures of The Hunter, a mysterious figure who, we gradually discover, is the last of the Bucellarii, human/demon hybrids.

Unlike so many works in this genre, the development of the nameless Hunter's character is three-dimensional and believable. This above all is what makes the book work as well as it does. The story is exciting without being overdone, the writing smooth and the dystopic world is detailed and grainy. Peloquin has avoided the trap that so many fantasy writers fall into, of saving all the sympathetic characters; there is plenty of grief and loss for our hero to deal with, and this is used to good effect in the exposition of his character. A very nice piece of work.

Available from AMAZON in both ebook and paperback.

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