Monday, 17 August 2015

Book review - Parmenter's Wager, by Terri Main

A seminarian's casuistry problem comes startlingly to life in this high-impact short story.

Of the many things by Main that I've read, I think this is quite the finest. The central problem is clothed in flesh by way of a scenario with real human characters and a mildly sci-fi world, but there is not an inch of fat in this beautifully stripped-back story. It's as lean as a racing hound, and this spareness beautifully heightens the impact of the Christian issue. It's a fine piece of writing and a fine piece of preaching too. 

Parmenter's Wager is available from AMAZON.

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  1. You so much for this beautiful review. I have to say this is one the favorite stories of my own.