Sunday, 8 March 2015

Book review - Scorched Earth, by Lynne Cantwell

This book concludes the Land, Sea, Sky trilogy and the series of which it formed the second part. I must confess to a little sadness that the adventure is over, but once you've got the devil in chains I don't suppose there's a lot of scope for a better antagonist.

Once again the recap is well handled with all necessary information provided to the reader new to the series in an extensive prologue. As I've read all of the books I couldn't really be sure, but it seemed to me that the book stood well on its own, as a novel ought to do.

The various gods are handled with deftness and humour, and a lightness of touch that I found delightful, but without disrespect; there is nothing in Scorched Earth to offend devotees of any religion, unless they were absolutely determined to be offended.

Once again, Cantwell's dedication to polish has produced a book that is a delight, with nothing to spoil the reader's enjoyment. A very satisfying conclusion to a wonderful series.

Scorched Earth is available from AMAZON and SMASHWORDS.

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