Thursday, 5 March 2015

Book review - Blossom, by Cathy Jackson

A realistic and moving account of a woman's recovery from devastating abuse, Blossom follows protagonist Phoenix Westerling through the first days of her marriage. The central question is whether, after surviving the kind of abuse that makes tabloid headlines, she will be able to make a success of marriage to a normal, decent man, and at times we fear she will not.

Jackson has a firm command of where her book is going, and one doesn't lose sympathy for poor, scarred Phoenix through her devastating flashbacks, her visions and finally her crystallisation as a Christian and a fulfilled wife and mother. The action progresses calmly and steadily towards its end, and the calm flow of the narrative reflects the calm, patient John, as he nurses his damaged wife through her adjustment to a normal marriage and the dangers to her sanity posed by her former experiences.

A happy book, with a message of hope to abuse survivors.

Blossom is available from AMAZON.

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