Friday, 4 July 2014

SHAME FILES # 140704 - COLES produce - Like Snow White's apple, perfect on the outside, rotten on the inside.

Yesterday I did some grocery shopping at Coles. The one on the corner of Doncaster Road.

Because I was planning to make stuffed capsica today, I bought, among other things, six red capsica and a bag of brown onions. It all looked very nice and perfect, not a mark on the outsides, lovely and firm in the hand, nope, nothing wrong here.

The capsica that I bought didn't look like this
on the inside.
More like werewolf capsica with all their black fur.

Sadly, when I started cutting into things today, I discovered that out of the six capsica I'd bought, two were rotten inside, with black fur growing all over their innards. God knows if that is even safe. I've only cut into one of the onions I bought, but it, too, was rotten inside, despite its firm, perfect exterior.

My onion didn't look like this when I cut into it!

I thought the Coles produce was quite cheap, at $4.98 per kilo for capsica and $1.88 for the brown onions.

It looks a bit different, though, when you have to throw away 1/3 of what you buy. According to my calculations, this would drive up the price of the capsica to $7.47 per kilo. Not such a bargain after all, not to mention that I now have 1/3 of my capsicum stuffing mixture already made up and nowhere for it to go. Not to mention that if I'd been shopping for that night, I might have found myself short of enough to feed my kids.

 Australian consumer law calls for a product sold to be 'fit for the purpose for which it is sold'. I don't think this includes vegetables being rotten. They were not, after all, sold in the garden section as compost.

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  1. I shop with Coles, and if I ever have a problem with anything, I phone/email them and they refund/give me a credit every time, no questions asked. It is a pain though when you go to use your purchases and you can't.