Saturday, 12 July 2014

Book review - When Love Feels Like a Pocketful of Snails, by Georgina Ramsey

This charming novel traces the fortunes of a self-centred young wannabe who decides, for very little reason, to seek her fortune as a celebrity hairstylist in Paris. Her staggering ineptitude causes her to end up somewhere very different. I shan't say more about the actual plot for fear of spoiling.

Although the protagonist is technically adult, this is very much a 'coming of age' story and, like all Ramsey's work, written with warmth, humour and a wonderful willingness to depart from the beaten track. There's nothing 'same old' about this romance, despite its use of the age-old 'prince disguised as a frog' trope. It's original, well-written and, unlike so many 'romances' that one sees nowadays, pleasantly wholesome. I enjoyed it very much.

Readers of Ramsey's other work will not be disappointed, and new readers will no doubt clog the airwaves as they search out her backlist. 

You can buy this lovely book HERE.

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