Saturday, 5 July 2014

Book review - Rubberman's Cage, by Joseph Picard

In a world left behind after a devastating war, the survivors live in their underground bunker, maintaining their survival systems without any idea of what has happened to their world or even of what their world really is. One man escapes from the confines of his rigidly defined position, and his voyage of discovery through successive layers of a neo-primitive, regressed, rigidly defined society makes a truly gripping read.

The post-holocaust society is depicted with imagination and empathy and is completely believable. Tradition layers upon developed superstitions to produce a warped society, mechanically repeating activities for which the reasons have long been forgotten, if they were ever understood.

Rubberman's Cage is post-apocalyptic dystopian fiction at its finest. A must read for 2014.

To be released soon!

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