Tuesday, 18 October 2016

F is for Fiction - three very different works

I've a varied selection today - a High Fantasy novel, a romance novella and a short story.

Following on in this month's focus of showcasing other authors, today's offering is of three widely differing works. All good of their kind. I've always been a firm believer in reading widely, and I don't believe any writer can achieve his maximum potential without reading thousands of books in every genre. So give all of these a try.

Calamity June, by Ella Medler

This delightful romance about a married couple is like a breath of fresh air. In what is almost a Shakespearian comedy of errors, a woman flees her loving husband in the belief that he no longer loves her and has taken solace in the arms of another. The story deals with his quest to get her back. It's charming, it's funny in spots and incidentally the reader will learn quite a bit about the art of disguise. A wonderful weekend read.  - even if you don't usually read romance, give Calamity June a go - it's an entertaining read and there is no filth.

In The Company of the Dead, by Ciara Ballintyne

In the grand old tradition of High Fantasy, this dark and doleful tale cannot fail to please lovers of Tolkien, Jordan and Mallory. It harks back to the Good Old Days of fantasy, when heroes were heroes and were concerned more with honour and the eternal than with sex and witty one-liners. 

Caught in a tragic juxtaposition, a hero and heroine tread out their doom, although at the end of the book, a slight ray of hope pierces the gloom. I could hardly put it down. Even if you don't normally read fantasy, give it a try! It's exciting, with great characters and plenty of action.

The Trick, by Chris Johnson

A traditional story with a decidedly non-traditional ending. A great short read with no downside.

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  1. Thank you, Tabitha! I'm glad you enjoyed it (and so is my 16yo self).