Sunday, 16 October 2016

D is for Dogs - Review of Jack the Homework Eater

D is for Dogs, and what better than a nice kids' book about dogs? This one gets my enthusiastic recommendation for primary-age children.

After a bad experience with his parents' Rottweiler, little Alex is frightened of dogs, and when, after the old dog dies, his parents bring home a British Bulldog, he is both terrified and hostile. The dog, Jack, however, soon wins Alex's heart with his loyalty, friendliness and above all his usefulness. Soon the lonely, friendless Alex is the most popular boy in the school, all because of his dog Jack.
Apart from being an entertaining story, this book is worthy of notice for being a really fine piece of didactic writing. There is never any preaching, yet the reader is clearly shown the wrongness of dumping dogs, the benefits of befriending them and above all the value of the human/dog partnership. It's ideal for anyone with a child who is frightened of dogs or even unused to them.

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