Saturday, 11 June 2016

Book review: The Manson Effect, by Debra Barton

A sound and very complete exposition of all the known facts relating to the Manson murders, this is bound to be of interest to history buffs.

Written in a chatty, informal style, the book relates the events as far as they are known, with sections profiling each of the participants - the perpetrators and the victims. Links are provided to recordings of many of the actual proceedings, transcripts and parole hearings. It's a fascinating read and well worth the price for the paperback. I myself received an ebook from the author for review, but I cannot find as at the date of writing that the ebook has yet been published. No doubt it is coming soon.

For more serious students, the enormous bibliography provided is both an excellent resource for further study and a testament to the author's commitment to accuracy and completeness. Highly recommended.

Trigger warning: this writer uses 'lay' intransitively.

The Manson Effect is available from AMAZON.

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