Sunday, 10 January 2016

Book reviews - Daylight Stealing Time and The City, by Calvin Wolf

Daylight Stealing Time
Although the premise was interesting, I found the fundamental premise of this book naive - computer log files don't overwrite themselves just because the TOD value is altered. DST cutover does not result in data loss in any functional system. Further, for the clocks to be set back, to overwrite earlier logs and transaction data, they would have to have been going OFF DST, not onto it.

The other problem I found with the book was that the characters were insufficiently developed, which detracted from the reading experience. So much more could have been made of what was a basically good plot idea. 

The City
A terrific, exciting plot, well thought out and executed. The only thing that I felt held it back from being a really great book was that the characters are not very developed. All of the different men in the story seemed rather samish to me and that made the story a bit hard to follow. More character development would have given the book much more depth and texture. 

Daylight Stealing Time and The City are both available from SMASHWORDS.

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