Sunday, 3 January 2016

Book review - How Do I... Create A Meme Using Free Online Software

A member of the 'How Do I' series, this book takes the reader, with absolutely no fuss, bragging or puffery, through the step-by-step process of creating a meme. No longer need we be dependent upon Cheezburger! Main shows you how to do it all, and free.

For anyone using memes in promotional work, I think it's well worth paying 99 cents to learn how to do it without Cheezburger - if only to have that professional look that's conveyed by not having a comic site's branding across the bottom of it.

As always, Main's instructions, without being at all patronising, are simple enough for the most technophobic person to follow. What I love most about all of her non-fiction guides and 'how-to' books, though, is the complete absence of all the puffery one typically finds in works of this kind. There is no having to wade through 60 pages of 'I'm so cool, I make squillions of dollars every five minutes, blah blah blah.' Just the content, beautifully organised and illustrated, and every word useful.

How Do I... Create A Meme Using Free Online Software is available from AMAZON.

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