Sunday, 14 December 2014

Book review - The Slave Auction, by Ray Anselmo

In a magnificent leap across genres, The Slave Auction combines elements of romance, post-apocalyptic science fiction, Christian fiction and crime thriller. I read it in a single day, staying up late to finish it, and I love my sleep.

The theme of Christian faith is woven throughout the book, but is so subtle that readers unsympathetic with a Christian worldview will not be put off by it. There's no in-your-face preaching. In fact, nothing about the book is in-your-face, and the whole work is characterised by a lovely subtlety and restraint which many of today's writers would do well to emulate.

The characters are well drawn and believable and the post-apocalyptic world is realistic and grainy. As a treatment of our world after global nuclear war, it seemed to me very realistic. I was particularly pleased to see the treatment of slavery, not as a creepy sexual titillation, as sadly is often the case in modern fiction, but as an understandable economic development.

With regard to presentation, the book is well written and edited, and there was nothing to interfere with the reader's enjoyment.

All in all, a thoroughly good read.

The Slave Auction is available from AMAZON.

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