Thursday, 18 December 2014

Book review - Feels Like The First Time, by Shawn Inmon

A touching story of young love lost and regained, Feels Like The First Time reminded me rather of Romeo and Juliet, with a happy ending instead of the traditional stage littered with corpses.

I am tempted to say the characters were well constructed and believable, but this would be a nonsense in a book that is not really fiction, but rather a novelised account of true events. The people in the book are real, but it still takes good writing for the reader to be able to see their reality, and in this Inmon has done a sterling job.

Right from the start the story caught my interest and I enjoyed reading it very much. I salute the author's courage in sharing his personal life like this.

The only thing that did detract a little from my enjoyment was that the author uses 'lay' intransitively throughout the book. Perhaps this will be remedied in a later edition.

Feels Like The First Time, and its companion volume, Both Sides Now, are both available from Amazon.

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