Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Coming soon to an e-reader near you!

Announcing my new book, Dance of Chaos. The prequel to Gift of Continence, this book shows Fiona MacDougall both at work and at home, and making a right balls-up of everything just as we might expect. Coming soon!

A brief excerpt:

I pondered the situation for several minutes. I had read somewhere that when you're really stuck, you should reflect quietly without pressing for a solution. Whoever wrote that had obviously never tried to get a cat out of a tree. After several minutes of quiet reflection, I was standing awkwardly on a very thin branch near the top of a pine tree, with a cat sneering at me from several feet away, a grazed knee, ruined stockings, half the seams on my clothes ripped open, three broken fingernails and God knew what in my hair. I decided it was better to press for a solution.

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