Saturday, 20 August 2016

The Real Truth About Muslims

What Muslims Eat

Some Muslim food. Looks yummy, doesn't it!
Muslims, like other humans, eat FOOD. They have some dietary rules to which they must adhere. Pretty much as Jews do, or Catholics during Lent. Or Buddhists, Hindus and Vegans. You can inform yourself about Muslim dietary laws, which are called Halal, HERE.

Where Muslims Live

Muslims, like other humans, generally live in houses or flats. If they are inmates in a concentration camp, they may live in mould-infested tents or nasty huts.

You can find a guide to the etiquette to be observed when visiting the home of a Muslim person HERE. As you will see, basic good manners will see you right.

Can you tell which of these houses is occupied by a Muslim family? No, nor can I.

What Muslims Wear

Some Muslims wear clothing from their ethnic background. Others wear whatever is being worn in their country. Muslim women often wear a scarf called a hijab, which covers the hair. Other Muslim women cover their whole bodies when they are out in public. This is for reasons of modesty. In general, both Muslim men and women prefer to dress modestly. 

I think they look nice, don't you?
What Muslims do in their Spare Time

In their leisure hours, Muslims read books, watch television, visit parks and play games. They also practise their religion, both in the Mosque and in their daily lives. If more people practised their religions in their daily lives, the world would be a better place.

Family dinners are pretty much the same in every culture
Your Expectations

If you clicked on this article expecting something very, very different from what you have seen, you may be a bigot. Bigotry can infect anyone at any time, but don't worry - it's curable! As open windows get rid of bad smells, so an open mind can allow silly ideas to blow away. 

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  1. Thank you for this. The recent stunt by Pauline Hanson was a disgrace! I live in a heavily populated Muslim area and have only once or twice seen anyone in a Burka! Such a tiny number of people and the hate spread about it is typical Hanson.