Friday, 1 July 2016

Book review - An Unwieldy Ceremony, by Ray Anselmo

Although this second instalment of the Lensoil series has as most of its characters members of the senior nobility, the book has a pleasantly domestic atmosphere. The smooth writing, relatable characters and flashes of humour we saw in the first book are continued in this one, and once again of particular note is the restrained but well-defined steampunk setting; steampunk is often overdone, but Anselmo has struck just the right note with his. 

The fictional religion that plays such a large part in the books is a masterpiece, embodying all of the essentials of Christianity while retaining an authentically alien structure. Of all the aspects of the Lensoil books, this is the one I most admire.

A final bonus for readers of An Unwieldy Ceremony - you'll learn everything you need to plan a wedding!

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