Tuesday, 10 February 2015

Book review - 1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts, by Ryan Kinder

This book promises 1,000 awesome prompts and that's pretty well what it delivers. There is little actual text, most of the book consisting of the prompts themselves, but what there is is well and sensibly written, and the uses of the various types of prompts are clearly explained, without any hint of the patronising tone that often mars writers' toolbooks.

These prompts can be used to provide an easy and fun start for the novice writer, or for a 'writer' who imagines himself to be suffering from so-called 'writer's block'.  For the developing writer, or one who wishes to work on a particular skill, such as dialogue or visual description, they will be invaluable.

Even for the seasoned writer, this book is a useful item to have in the toolbox. The section on 'rippers' (which I call elements) is beautifully explained and any writer, particularly one working on short fiction, can benefit incalculably from this concept, which of course can be used in an almot infinite variety of ways. For less serious use, there's the potential for fun party games, and with a little thought, even a drinking game could be constructed around the drabble prompts.

There are a few typos, and one or two of the prompts are repeated, but overall the quality is excellent and the book is well organised and presented. I add it to the toolkit section of my library with great pleasure.

1,000 Awesome Writing Prompts is available from AMAZON.

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