Friday, 10 October 2014

Book review - As You Wish, by Cathy Jackson

A beautiful tale of three second-chance loves, this book twines about like a vine, bearing fruit at the end with two lonely people finding love and a lost faith regained. On the way, the vine offers various flowers of wisdom as Daniel faces the many obstacles he has placed between himself and his God.

The book opens with a delightful air of mystery as two strangers meet in a park at dead of night. Neither knows who the other is, and neither is completely honest with the other. The intensity of dark mystery that is conveyed is almost Gothic.

The central question of the book is undoubtedly the male protagonist's faith journey, but it is twined so completely with the love story that the two quests merge into a harmonious whole. Very nice writing, and a well thought-out  plot from a writer who obviously is blessed with a deep and informed faith. The beautiful treatment of the age-old problem of evil on its own makes the book worth reading.

This book will appeal to anyone who is, or wishes he were, close to God. The specific faith setting is Christian, but I am sure there is plenty here for those of other religions too.

As You Wish is available from SMASHWORDS.

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