Monday, 11 August 2014

Book review - Lifehack, by Joseph Picard

On first starting Lifehack, I was inclined to feel a little disappointed - yet another zombie apocalypse, yada yada, I thought, despite the traditional science fiction origin of the zombies rather than the more overdone paranormal. But as the story developed I quickly realised that it was far from 'yet another' anything.

In a world gone crazy, its very existence threatened by a mad scientist, a traumatised young woman and a toughened combat veteran find the seeds of a great love. The development of the love between Regan and Major Terone builds slowly and comes gracefully to fruition just as they save the world. It's a charming and delicate love story, not marred by salaciousness or by over-sentimentalism, and providing a lovely counterpoint to scenes of violent action worthy of an Arnold Schwarzenegeer film.

The characters are well developed, and the different points of view well handled. Picard avoids the trap often seen in science fiction of boring on and on about the technology, and love scenes are handled with grace and restraint. There's a little spice of humour, and all in all Lifehack is a most enjoyable read which will appeal to science fiction afficionados and romance readers alike.

The book comes to a satisfying and definitive conclusion, avoiding the sin of the cliffhanger ending that is all too often perpetrated nowadays, but leaving enough doubt that the way is open for a sequel, and in fact I note with pleasant anticipation that two sequelae exist. 

Lifehack is available from AMAZON and SMASHWORDS and the author's own website.

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