Thursday, 13 March 2014

Review - Nike's Wings, by Valerie Douglas

A fast-paced action spy thriller, this book charges along like a souped-up car. Action fans will love it, I feel sure, and the occasional snide reference to America's shameful behaviour in recent years is calculated to gain the reader's sympathy. The book is well constructed and written, although I thought the ending a little rushed; more could have been made of the Torrance episode.

The one major fault in this book was the sudden switch from time to time into patches of pornography. These sudden and unpredictable jumps in style and subject matter interfere badly with the flow of the narrative, and practically invite the reader to stop reading. The book would be improved by editing them out.

Aside from that, the quality is reasonable, although several missing words and one egregious instance of 'to' used instead of 'too' suggest that time taken for a second round of proofreading would have been time well spent.

Nike's Wings 

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