Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Book Review - Four Paws

I received an advance copy of this delightful book, which will be released on Amazon on 24 February. It's a short anthology of poems by four very talented writers, introduced by the well-known Russell Blake.

There's something for everyone in this delightful collection of short poems. For anyone grieving the loss of a beloved friend, there is the comfort of shared sorrow. There's hope for the future, there's celebration of the richness of life.

The book has been created by The Quillective Project. All proceeds of its sale will go to Dog & Kitty City, a no-kill shelter in the Dallas area. That is 100%! All of it. Read about the Quillective Project here:

I strongly urge my readers to buy this book. Buy extra copies to give as gifts. It won't be expensive, and every cent will go to help the shelter, and every copy out there will help to spread the word, both about the shelter and about the Quillective Project. They're good poems - there is really no downside. Here, another free sample:

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